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Introducing Salty Dog Cyclery

Downtown Lincoln is always excited when we have a new unique business open up in our district. With biking being a big part of Lincoln's culture we are happy to introduce Salty Dog Cyclery to our community. DLA was able to catch up and chat with Salty Dog owner, John Hennessy, about his new venture and being a part of downtown.

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Q: When exactly did Salty Dog move into its downtown location and where is your store located?
A: September of 2013

Q: Why did you decide to start your business downtown and what do you enjoy most about having it located down here?
A: I chose downtown because of its diversity and concentration of people. Having a large business person, student, and commuter population allows my business to create new customers easily and regularly.

Q: For people who have never heard of your store, explain to them a little about the types of bicycles/accessories you have to offer there.
A: We specialize in quality used, name brand bicycles & parts, and also order in brand new bikes from a number of companies. All of our accessories and most of our parts are brand new, top brand items. We have many popular items in stock, and have access to over 50,000 items, all available for next day delivery.

Q: What are some of the brands that you like to carry?
A: The most popular bikes we carry include Trek, Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, Raleigh, Surly, Redline, Kona, Gary Fisher and many more. We stock many accessories from Cat Eye, Planet Bike, Kryptonite, Axiom, Lazer, and the list goes on.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the name of the store?
A: I wanted to do things a little differently compared to many shops across the country today. I knew there was a population that was being under serviced, and I wanted to merge that group with the more common bicycle consumer under one shop. In order to accomplish that, I realized that we would have to behave and think differently than the norm. We’d have to be a little “Salty”.

Q: Do you have any upcoming sales, events or promotions you’d like people to know about?
A: During the winter months we like to partner with local businesses to give their employees discounts on all merchandise and services for a couple of weeks per business. Our goal is to increase the number of winter riders & commuters, as well as to encourage people to have their bike serviced before the busy spring time rush.

Q: What did you do before owning Salty Dog and what made you decide to start your own store?
A: I have always had an independent streak, and eventually I spent too many days behind a desk watching the world move outside. Being outside is a passion of mine, and I knew that if I could share that feeling with other people I would be happy. My desire to open SDC wasn’t driven by money or a solid business plan and that is what I feel has led to its success. When you walk into our shop you are going to meet people passionate about bicycles and the outdoors, who are genuinely happy to be doing what they are.

Q: If you had to describe the Salty Dog as an animal, what animal would you choose? A Dog? Haha.
A: That’s a hard one. I’d have to say a three legged dog that won’t stop running.

Q: What do you love most about your crew and how they interact with the customers?
A: I love that we care. Nobody in this shop is going to phone it in, so to speak. We don’t treat people who come into the shop as potential income. We know that they've come in because they have a problem they need solved. Sometimes that problem is simple, and sometimes it’s very complex, but either way they receive our full attention. It takes special people to commit to that attitude day after day, year after year.

Q: How can customers keep up-to-date with happenings at Salty Dog Cyclery?
A: The best way to keep up with us is to stop in the shop, ask questions, share stories. I know that isn’t always convenient in this world, so we try to have a back and forth with our customers through our Facebook page as well (

Q: Anything else you’d like to say about Salty Dog?
A: When you come into the shop you will be dealing with a bike mechanic, not a sales person, and that is important to us. I am the owner and I have one apprentice. Operating small allows us to communicate well with each other and that creates a great relationship with our customers as well.

Salty Dog Cyclery is located at 1640 'O' St, Suite B and is open Mon - Fri: 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm & Sat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Phone: (402) 464-2453

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