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A Downtown Institution: The Eagle Group

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On the day of his birthday, Downtown Lincoln sat down with Eagle Group owner, Matt Ashmore, to discuss disappearing eagles, his daughters' love for the Cornhusker marching band, and the world of large format printing. Matt’s company, Eagle Group, is a household name in the downtown community, providing numerous companies, events, and individuals with quality printing and design services for over 20 years. Next year will actually be the 25th anniversary of the second generation company!

To really get an understanding of the Eagle Group you have to start 35 years ago when Bob and Marge Glow started Big Red Quick Print and Copy in a quarter of the current Eagle space. In 1991 Matt’s parents purchased the business and renamed it Eagle Printing after the now legendary and MISSING eagle statue that sat atop the 13th and N building. Matt was the first employee and has worked there off and on until he took over control in 2013.

Eagle Printing changed its name to Eagle Group in 2010 with the growing demand for services other than printing. The Eagle Group now facilitates photography, graphic design and websites, large format and sign printing, as well as the traditional offset press and digital printing. They can print on any stock up to ½ inch thick on paper, plastic, plexi-glass, vinyl, and foamcore. Major projects have included vinyl floor graphics, large full wall installs, and giant street signage. The Eagle Group prides themselves on being part of YOUR team. They bring a fun and positive approach to customer service with youthful ideas and a veteran staff. Going above and beyond on all their projects, Eagle uses the latest technology to bring you your product fast with satisfaction guaranteed.

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The Eagle Group team’s favorite projects are local events in which they get to help with the whole process. Developing marketing materials from the ground up for local businesses, non-profits, and charities carries the most reward. In many instances Eagle will come on as a sponsor and donate part of the expenses to the customer. Some of Matt’s favorite past projects include working with Downtown Lincoln’s own P Street Week, Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture, the Lincoln Bike Kitchen, and the United Way. Current sponsored projects include Lincoln Beer Week, Jazz in June, the March of Dimes, and work on the new Great Plains Museum Native American project. They also make product labels for many local brands including Johnny’s Salsa, Zipline Brewing, Branched Oak Farms, and Open Harvest. Soon to be added to that list is a rebranding of the bar, Marz, which looked great based on Matt’s examples.

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“We love giving back and we love being downtown” - Matt Ashmore, Owner of Eagle Group.

Eagle has a great working relationship with downtown businesses like Raising Cane’s, Swanson Russell, Union Bank, and an Eagle dining favorite, Sultan’s Kite.

That led into some non-printing questions for Matt. His favorite downtown spots include both Sultan’s Kite and Ali Baba’s, as well as Yia-Yia’s, Maggie’s, The Dish, Duffy’s, and the Lied Center. He also loves going to the Community Foundation Garden Wednesday Summer Series at noon. When I asked him about sports and the Huskers, he said he loves the atmosphere and loves taking his two daughters to all the football games. “They love following the marching band into the stadium on game day.” As his girls get older he wants to take them to more women’s soccer, basketball, and (if he can get tickets) volleyball. Outside of work Matt enjoys outdoor time with the family and his backyard farming projects which includes 4 chickens. Matt loves biking, canoeing, and his newly acquired kayak. Beyond a love of outdoor activities, he also enjoys playing the drums.

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To round out the discussion we touched on the future. Matt is excited about their 25th anniversary next year and said to stay on the lookout for more info, keeping us in anticipation.

“We are not just a printing company. We love working with groups as part of the team, anticipating timelines, and helping ensure our customers succeed. That is my favorite part about Eagle Group.”

Whatever happened to the Eagle? Well, an un-named bank has it in storage in Blair, Nebraska due to complications in a change of building ownership around 2010. Eagle and DLA are currently devising a plan to get it back!

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