Comic Book Store Celebrates 36th Anniversary

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Onomatopoeia, oh how nice it is to read ya!

There’s something about these sound effects that brings out the bubblegum-blowing, feet-wagging, prone position-reading kid in all of us. Whether it’s upside down on the edge of a bed or within the guise of a textbook during class, reading comic books helped pass the time and transplanted us into a fantasy world of burly muscles, flapping capes and colorful spandex.

Trade-A-Tape Comic Center is celebrating 36 years in downtown Lincoln with an anniversary sale that starts today, October 10th, and lasts through this Saturday, October 15th. The sale includes 25 percent off of graphic novels, supplies, toys and novelties, as well as 25-50 percent off back issues. The sale also applies to the more valuable comics listed on the store’s website.

Since Trade-A-Tape opened in 1975 at 1127 P, the store has moved twice, the first time in 1981 to 227 N 11th and once more in 1989 to its present location at 145 S. 9th.

While it’s currently the city’s hub for comics and graphic novels, current store owner Larry Lorenz said it didn’t always used to be that way.

“Used music was the focus for the first few years, 8-tracks, cassettes and records. Through the years, comics took over; now we have a few hundred used CDs, but everything else is comics”.

He purchased the store from Lee Aronsohn in 1977, who modeled it after a used music store in Boulder where he used to work and a comic book store he frequented. Aronsohn has since gone on to become the executive producer of the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” and also the co-creator/executive producer of “Two and a Half Men.”

Like Aronsohn, Lorenz always had a passion for comics growing up.

“When I was in high school, I sold comics in a flea market on weekends with two friends.”

In a world of disappearing comic book stores, Trade-A-Tape has yet to meet its Kryptonite, which Lorenz attributes to “a low overhead, avoiding debt and a little luck.”

The store is comprised of over 200,000 back issues on location and an online store of over 14,000 Gold Age comics (comics from the late ‘30s to early ‘50s) and Silver Age comics (comics from the mid ‘50s to early ‘70s), and even receives a shipment of new comics every Wednesday.

Trade-A-Tape doesn’t do a lot of consignment, but Lorenz says it is an option if someone has some quality comics.

Stop by Trade-A-Tape this week to revisit all your superhero friends, save on great comics and help celebrate all the store has accomplished over the past 36 years!


For more information on Trade-A-Tape, visit their website or Facebook Page.

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