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Bird Windmill Building

Year Built: 1883
Architect: Unknown

The Bird Windmill Company sold ‘Kalamazoo Wind Mills, ’ pumps, tanks and fittings for this building between 1883 and 1886, with 11 employees and annual sales exceeding $75,000.  A wholesale boot and shoe store occupied another part of the building, while the upper floor provided lodging rooms. 

The arched, upper floor windows set this building apart, as does ‘Haymarket Gallery’s’ status as the dean of Haymarket’s ‘new’ businesses.  Founded in 1968 and first located in the basement of the Lincoln Hotel, the gallery has occupied its present space since the early 1970s. 

The stone-paved alley south of the Gallery is the only intact example in the city of this handsome early paving method.

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