Economic Development

The Downtown Lincoln Association understands that in order to begin your development journey, a number of resources are required. This section provides a quick link to many of those resources, including the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, 2015 Vision and many others.

In addition to these resources, this section also provides access to statistics and economic indicators that will help you better understand the district. Click on the learn section to see Downtown Lincoln’s proximity to schools such as the the University of Nebraska.

Just looking for the facts? We’ve got you covered. Click on Quick Facts for a fast glance at the demographics and business structure of Downtown Lincoln.

Community Support


In 2006 a small group of business and civic leaders joined together to support several initiatives important to Lincoln’s future. The overall goals of the initiatives, or pillars, are to strengthen the community’s economic base by fostering entrepreneurship and investment opportunities, increasing opportunities for post college-age citizens, creating jobs, expanding entertainment and recreational opportunities, leveraging UNL’s research and technology mission and encouraging private charitable giving. Click on one of the following ten pillars to learn more:

1. Haymarket Arena 6. Downtown Plaza
2. Hotle & Convention 7. P & Q Streets
3. Haymarket Park 8. Antelope Valley
4. Sports Triangle 9. UNL R & D
5. Arts & Humanities 10. Ag Exposition


In conjunction with the Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA), and the City’s Urban Development Department (UDD), the Planning Department has embarked upon the formulation of a “Downtown Master Plan” for Downtown Lincoln. The purpose of this Master Plan study effort is to identify major land use and development policies for Downtown Lincoln. This includes delineating a number of land use activity zones and the interrelationships between each zone. The policies derived from this study are intended to support the role of the Downtown as set forth in the adopted City-County Comprehensive Plan.


The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development is a community-based, public-private collaboration that provides focused direction for Lincoln’s economic development activities. The Partnership recognizes that the public and private sectors work best when they work together. Its goals are to attract high-impact industries, to nurture the environment for existing businesses, and to cultivate local entrepreneurial development.