Downtown Business Leadership

Downtown Business Leadership: Eagle Printing and Sign

For decades, Eagle Printing has been a staple within the downtown business community, though not always under its current name. Formerly a Big Red Quick Print franchise and later known as Eagle Quickprint, Jaci and Gary Ashmore bought the business in 1991 and ran the company until 2013 when their son, Matt Ashmore took over.

This year, Eagle underwent another rebranding and changed its logo as well as its name from Eagle Group to Eagle Printing and Sign. Since its inception, Eagle has provided hundreds of local businesses and thousands of customers with their printing and paper needs.

Eagle is dedicated to their community. In addition to sponsoring many Lincoln events and working with local businesses, Eagle is also committed to making their business as eco-friendly as possible. They do their best to reduce waste, recycle and choose environmentally friendly products whenever possible. The company was voted Wastecap’s member of the year in 2015 for their environmentally conscious efforts.

As Eagle celebrates their 25th anniversary, they also celebrate 25 years of constant relationships with local businesses and events. With their high quality work and reliable, friendly staff, Downtown Lincoln can only hope for 25 more.