Downtown Champion

Downtown Champion: Nader Sepahpur

Nader has been an integral part of downtown since the 1980’s, where he could be found walking the downtown streets and working summers at his family’s restaurant. Today, Nader’s creations can be seen around downtown with Yia Yia’s, Marz Bar and AmuManu, in addition to his five downtown properties. Nader’s presence has been a constant force in a competitive, oftentimes transient industry.

In addition to providing downtown with good food, Nader has also formed a community within his restaurants, which he said is important to him. AmuManu in particular has created a hub for international students looking for familiar food, close to campus. Nader’s restaurants have provided a piece of home for many students and downtown residents.

Beyond employing over 60 full and part-time employees, Nader takes pride in the success and development of his people. Through the years Nader has improved the lives of his loyal employees who often become friends. Not only has Nader impacted his own endeavors, but the entire community around him as well.  He has provided constant support for the small businesses in our city and contributed unmatched industry leadership for DLA and the entire downtown community. 

When asked how Nader has impacted downtown, Nader’s friend Clay Smith had this to say:

“Given his tenure and dedication, Nader is the godfather of Lincoln’s downtown restaurant scene.  He is widely respected by his peers and loyal patrons alike.  He’s a cool guy with a cool style and we are all enriched by his creativity, passion and delicious food.”