Significant Public Development 2016

Significant Public Development: N Street Bikeway

Starting with the vision of the 2005 Downtown Master Plan and solidified in its 2012 update, a protected bikeway has long been desired to complete the “last mile” of missing bike trail. With Lincoln’s heavy cycling traffic, it was imperative to create a safe bikeway not just for cyclists, but for motorists and pedestrians as well.   

With the leadership of Mayor Beutler and major support from the Great Plains Trails Network and several donors, the Master Plan’s vision has now become a reality. 

Nebraska-based contractor Meco-Henne began construction in March of 2015 and 

Beutler officially opened the N Street Bikeway on April 23rd of this year. The 3.35 million dollar project runs from Antelope Valley to the Haymarket, connecting a crucial section of Lincoln’s trail system. Alta Planning & Design and Olsson Associates developed and designed the master plan for the project, while Great Plains Trails Network, a local recreational biking group, served as a community champion to help complete funding.

The payoff today is undeniable. Cyclists are able to safely bike to work, school and recreationally through N Street. Nearly 500 cyclists utilize the bikeway each day to navigate downtown.

The new bikeway had, and will continue to have, a profound effect on the face of ‘N’ Street. With more than 87,000 people living within two miles of the proposed 'N' Street bikeway, the project makes downtown more accessible to nearly one-third of Lincoln's residents.