Author Event - Mark Musick

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  • Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019 6 PM - 7 PM

Francie & Finch Bookshop
130 S. 13th St.

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Meet Mark Musick, author of Boxes.

This history-changing incredible story is built upon fabulous wealth, a reclusive man unable to escape his famous life, alternate identifies provided by the CIA, and a loving wife who knew how to keep secrets. No book has adequately explained Howard Hughes’ later life, until Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes, was published. Howard Hughes changed his appearance, employed a stand-in to create a diversion, accepted another identity, and continued to operate his business through his cadre of aides. Additionally, he found a wife, Eva McLelland, who loyally kept his secret. McLelland relayed this amazing story to General Musick.

A retired Nebraska Air National Guard major general, Mark Musick dedicated over a decade to uncover a story which he never expected, nor sought to tell. Yet, through a strange twist of fate, in which a key figure in the story entrusted him, was the answer to one of the single and biggest mysteries of the late 20th Century.

Books available for purchase and author will sign them.  Always free gift wrap!

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