ChezSoDo Presents: Denver Comedy Cavalcade

Past Dates & Times
  • Sunday, May 19, 2019 7 - 9 PM

440 S. 11th St.

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A group of Denver's funniest comics are road tripping to Lincoln, and for one night only they'll be at ChezSoDo!

Roger Stafford is a comedian from Morris, Illinois. He started stand up at 17, after realizing you have to stop watching porn if you want to be a preacher. He moved to Denver at 18 and since then has performed in 11 states as well as The Savage Henry Comedy Festival and The High Plains Comedy Festival. You can find him on Facebook and Youtube.

Andres Becerril is a comedian from Denver. When he’s not hanging out with his kid you can catch him on some sort of stage pushing his Snake Oil brand of comedy and crowd work on people who didn’t know how much they needed a laugh. Andres has credits, somewhere, he’s sure he probably just left them on his nightstand or his other pair of jeans. If watching him stumble and mumble across a stage isn’t enough he hosts a podcast called Joke and Destroy that is pretty killer, please listen to it.

Grayson Nite is a comedian from Denver. He started comedy before he could walk or have good opinions. You can catch him on local shows in Denver and sporadically in other states. You can also catch him at work asking people if they’d like ranch.

Jose Macall is a joke-hawker from Denver, Colorado. His penchant for off beat joke writing has allowed him to successfully infiltrate the High Plains Comedy Festival, Project Pabst, The Denver Improv, Comedy Works as well as every dive, hideaway, nook and cranny with a stage to raid. He has worked with acts such as Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Kronberg and Rory Scovel. He is definitely not a spy.

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Lincoln, NE 68508

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