This eco-friendly corridor supports Nebraska’s pollinators, demonstrates the importance and value of native plants, and beautifies our city. The flyway runs from R Street to the Lincoln Mall and includes 69 permanent beds filled primarily with native grasses and flowers.

Numerous wildflowers, shrubs, and trees that shape the Nebraska landscape rely on insect pollinators as well as a variety of food crops like apples, berries, melons, peaches, potatoes, pumpkins. Disturbing worldwide trends of declining pollinators are the result of damaged and shrinking natural habitat, chemical misuse, competition from invasive plants and animals, climate changes, and an increase in disease and parasites that affect pollinators.

A pollinator flyway provides food, breeding grounds and resting habitat for local and migrating pollinators. Think of it as a welcoming way station for migrating species crossing over in an urban environment. A well-thought out pollinator flyway supports native biodiversity, showcases natural beauty and promotes tourism. It also reduces maintenance and water usage thereby providing cost savings to those who maintain the area.

We invite you to walk the flyway to enjoy the attractively landscaped beds and to observe pollinators along the way. Watch for informational signs regarding plants, pollinators and their role in urban settings. Most importantly, we hope you’ll be inspired by the flyway’s beauty and pollinator activity to plant native habitat at your home, school, or business.

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