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4 Steps to Keeping Your New Year's Exercise Resolutions from Downtown Fitness Gurus

We asked our downtown fitness experts at the YMCA and Lincoln Running Co. for tips on how to make (and keep!) your exercise goals in 2019. Here’s what they had to say:

Lincoln Track Club

The New Year is a time when we are all asked, “So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?” But as “exercisers” we really don’t need a calendar to start thinking about setting goals and becoming better versions of ourselves, we can always be planning! Sometimes these plans don’t always work out, and that is why we can’t rely on a new calendar year to start this goal setting and becoming better: there has to be a bit of method to this madness of planning your exercising goals. So, here are four basic and sensible steps we like to talk about here at the Lincoln Running Co and with the YMCA Marathon Class.

Step 1: Believe!

You have to decide what you want to achieve and believe you can achieve it! If your goal is to finish the Lincoln Marathon and you really don’t believe you can achieve that goal, you will not have success. In fact, you will most likely be discouraged when you don’t see results.

Step 2: Be Specific!

Instead of saying your goal is to finish the marathon one day or to run one next year, specify when you want to achieve your goal. Set a goal of making classes (maybe at one of the great fitness places downtown!) at least 3 times a week. Set a goal of running a certain amount of miles to prepare yourself for the marathon. Set a goal of commuting to work 2-3 times a week.  Be specific with the time frame to achieve this goal.

Step 3: Write it Down!

Write this goal down on paper or post it somewhere visible that you will see it. Every. Single. Day.  By doing this you will hold yourself accountable. Each time you see this goal, you’ll be reminded that it wasn’t something you thought would be nice to do—instead you are determined to do it!

Step 4: Share it!  

Tell everyone you know you have set this goal. I know, I know, they couldn’t care less—but you need to put it out there. By doing this, the people you tell will keep you accountable. Many times it is uncomfortable sharing your goal with people for the fear of what they will think of you if you don’t achieve the goal. But you will be surprised how many of these people you tell will believe in you and feel you can accomplish this goal. So, tell everyone you know—your friends, your family, your co-workers, your enemies (especially your enemies!)—because they are the ones that will constantly ask “how is that training going?” That alone will keep you going!

Follow these four steps, and mindful planning and a bit of putting yourself out there will make for a successful 2019!

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