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Downtown Lincoln’s Newest DIY Destination: AR Workshop

Register for a DIY workshop to create trendy home decor you can take home the same day.


AR Workshop opened its doors in the Telegraph District on December 16. Owned by Teresa Tibbits and her husband Tim, AR Workshop fills a niche. 

“We are a [Do-It-Yourself] home decor boutique,” Tibbits said. “What that means is we teach classes on creating professional and finished pieces of home decor that you can take home and enjoy.” 

There are more than 125 locations across the country, with Nebraska having just one: 20th and N. 

“I’ve had a hand in every single thing done here,” Tibbits said. “When you own your own business, there are so many aspects of it [to think about]. I wanted to find something I was passionate about.” 

Self-proclaimed DIY Queen, Tibbits discussed the different class options available, including classes on different materials canvas, wood, and yarn. Candle-making has recently been added to the class roster.

“We do a lot of work with wood,” Tibbits said. “We have canvas projects, we do chunky knit [projects, like] blankets, gnomes, and pillows.” 

Some class-specific projects include chalkboard calendars, clocks, trays, lazy susans, candle pouring, and chunky knit blankets–the most popular class choice. 

To sign up for a class, pre-register on the website to ensure all materials are ready when you arrive. Not interested in creating your project? There’s a retail side to pick up home decor for those who are not down to craft. 

“We have the boutique part, as our retail side,” Tibbits explains. “We have accent pieces that compliment your home decor so that you have a finished look when you bring it home.” 

Inside the boutique, many signs and DIY decor line the shelves as examples of finished projects from the course.

“Doing DIY, I think I was pretty much born into it,” Tibbits said. “Every single piece [inside AR Workshop] is DIYed. [My] dad and I built the tables and put in the baseboards and the shelves.” 

Hammers with blue painted handles make up hangers for AR Workshop branded aprons, a DIY project done by Tibbits.

Tibbits knew she wanted to own her own business, but struggled with finding something that fit her brand choice and her hobbies. 

“Once finding AR Workshop, it was just the perfect fit,” Teresa Tibbits said. “I’m a creative person, I’m a people person, but I am not a numbers person. After talking to [one of the] cofounders, I knew it was the right fit.”

AR Worskop also offers craft bar walk-ins. These projects are more general and often based on upcoming holidays. Craft classes range anywhere from $40-100 depending on the size of the craft. Walk-ins are less expensive, averaging $10-75. 

“All the cleanup is done for you,” Tibbits said. “I’ve crafted my whole life and you know, you always have a mess at the end. It’s nice to be able to leave that mess and not have to worry about it.” 

AR Workshop is perfect for private events, date nights, girls' nights out, bachelorette parties, and team building. AR Workshop offers a punch card, after five punches or classes, the sixth project is free. Find out more information on their website

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