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Earn the Burn at Lincoln’s new Haymarket Fitness Studio: HotWORX

HOTWORX is not your typical fitness studio, their fitness program is unlike any other.


This state-of-the-art studio specializes in 15 to 30-minute workout sessions inside an infrared sauna space. Yes. you read that right, working out in a sauna environment. 

Emily Beans is the manager at the new location located in the Haymarket. There are four locations in Lincoln, but the first to enter Downtown Lincoln. 

Beans is thrilled to have the new location in the Railyard. 

“We are so excited to finally make it downtown,” Beans said. “We are like a boutique gym experience making it a bit more personal, we create relationships with our members.” 

With HOTWORX’s infrared sauna space, they guarantee the maximum calorie burn in the shortest time possible. All their hit workouts are 15-minute long High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. 

HOTWORX offers eight zones that can fit a couple of people inside these sauna spaces. Inside you can decide if you want to do a 30-minute isometric workout or a 15-minute HIIT session. 

“An isometric workout means holding different positions,” Beans said. “So the infrared is a type of radiation and it actually helps detox the body quicker.” 

This allows the skin to sweat out more than just water, but also toxins. It also helps lower your blood pressure, soothes achy joints, and arthritis helps improve flexibility, and helps boost collagen production. 

This gym is open 24/7, to reserve a spot, you can go in person or through their app. Each class is virtually streamed to HOTWORX. This combats the excuse that there is no time to work out, everyone can spare 15 to 30 minutes in their day!

“All your workouts are in our app and have classes available whenever because we are open to our members 24/7,” Beans said. “So say goodbye to not having enough time.” 

All Isometric workouts are: Hot Iso, Hot Buns, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Barre None, Hot Bands, Hot Warrior, and Hot Core. The HIIT sessions offered are: Hot Cycles, Hot Blast (elliptical bike) and Hot Thunder (water rower). The two favorites are the Hot Buns Isometric Workout and the Hot Pilates. They offer yoga, and cycling, and have a minor functioning workout area with kettlebells that are not in the heated rooms. 

“For those just starting, I would say all of our hit workouts are only 15 minutes long,” Beans said. “That’s a really good introduction to working out in the heat.” 

For more information on the classes, visit the HOTWORX website or download their app. 

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