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An Unexpected Move Emerges Fortune, a New Authentic Asian Food Restaurant to 14th Street

After Thai Garden's 13th Street departure, owner Song Feng and his head chef relocate and rebrand to Fortune only a block away. 


Fortune brings touches of traditional Chinese and Korean cuisine to Downtown Lincoln. 

If you’re hungry for some American Chinese food classics, like General Tso’s Chicken and Kung Pao Beef, then Fortune is the place for you. 

Fortune has many options for American Chinese food but also has options for more authentic and traditional Chinese and Korean food. 

Located on 14th street in the building where Jersey Mike’s once stood, Fortune is bringing their flavor of Chinese and Korean cuisine close to the university. They have all the comforting classics of American Chinese food but are focused on broadening guests’ horizons.

Fortune comes with three different menus, including an authentic Asian cuisine menu.

There are three different menus offered; a lunch menu, a dinner menu, and a traditional Chinese and Korean cuisine menu. 

“We focus on American style Chinese food, and traditional Chinese and Korean food,” partial owner, Song Feng said. “Traditional Chinese food means that the materials, flavor and cooking methods are the same as in China. This makes us special compared to our peers.” 

Feng used to own Thai Garden before closing its doors to focus on their new project, Fortune. You can still get some of their popular dishes from Thai Garden here, but their focus has shifted to traditional Chinese and Korean food. It is a popular spot for college students after classes, especially International Students. 

“International Students love it here, it reminds them of home,” Feng mentioned. “They will come in and sometimes come back and watch us cook their food when they hang out.” 

The chef has worked at Thai Garden and other local restaurants for over 15 years and has ample experience making these tasty classics. 

“A couple of our most popular traditional Chinese dishes are the Crispy Chicken and the Spicy Crispy Chicken,” Feng said. Many can vouch that the Spicy Crispy Chicken is a must-have here. 

Crispy Spicy Chicken is one of the most loved items on the menu.

Named after the infamous fortune cookie, Fortune opened its doors on May 17th operating with only a handful of employees. Fortune is on most food delivery services, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Starve Bird. 

“I am confident that we are the best traditional Chinese restaurant in Lincoln,” Feng said. 


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