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Lincoln Calling: Yasmin Nur

Yasmin Nur takes the stage at Lincoln Calling. 



For almost a decade, FREAKABOUT has performed for Lincoln Calling, debuting at the Bourbon Theatre to an eager crowd. Yasmin Nur is an indie rock singer/songerwriter from the middle of the map. 

This year Yasmin Nur will be performing at 5:15 p.m. on Saturday at the Night Market. 

Located in Wichita, Kansas, he has always been a creative soul and has always found comfort in expressing herself through her music and art. 

Yasmin's 2020 EP "Punch Me! This is a Nightmare!' and her newest single "My Favorite T-Shirt!" is out on Spotify. 

Yasmin Nur shares some of her processes.  

DLA: Who is Yasmin Nur?

Yasmin: I’m from Wichita, Kansas and I just kind of write music on my own and the writing process is just like I write these songs to come up with these concepts and then I take them to my bandmates and then we finish them off together, they add in the finishing touches that are like necessary for it to be whole. 

DLA: What are you most excited about for Lincoln Calling? 

Yasmin: It's just like a huge festival. I've never been part of a festival. That's so serious, like I'm thinking so many emails, it makes me feel super special. Okay? All the special little emails I get to know I'm just really excited to like walking around and like I've never been to like Lincoln Calling myself. And I’m excited to see Slothrust live. Of course, oh my god. So, it'll be an experience for me. I'm a little bit intimidated, but I'm really excited.

DLA: How would you describe your sound? 

Yasmin:  I like regular pop music. But I also love pop indie music with choruses and builds and like a structure. So, I try to combine them and change them to also make it have a direction. 

DLA: If you were to make a Spotify playlist, who would you add? 

Yasmin: I would put like Bikini Kill. Mannequin Pussy. I would put one of my favorite bands of all-time is Sunday. They changed my life. Definitely Paramore I definitely like all the girlies being in the front. I just love it. It's super inspiring again like the leadership really, and the music, too.