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Noonie's Homemade Fudge Returns to Downtown

Located in the Telegraph District now, Noonie's Homemade Fudge finds itself back in Downtown Lincoln.


The Telegraph District is the newest part of Downtown Lincoln and has had several new businesses opening up. One of the latest businesses to open its doors is Noonie’s Homemade Fudge. The purple interior and cutesy knick-knacks on the tables help create a nostalgic feeling but with a twist. 

Noonie's Homemade Fudge used to be located on 13th and O Street and opened its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Terra Simons previously sold fudge out of her house, using a family fudge recipe that is at least four generations old. Simons started selling fudge in 2020.

"We had a pick-up location in the Lincoln Flats," Owner Terra Simons said. "[My] dad was a typical dad, and he was like 'I don't want people coming to your home to pick up fudge, we need a place for them to come pick it up."

Noonie’s has since moved to the Telegraph District, at 21st and N, but this time with a full kitchen. 

“Opening day, we sold out,” Simons said. “Being a part of the Telegraph District, everyone’s just been so nice and welcoming, things have been pretty [consistently busy].” 

Noonie’s Homemade Fudge started by sampling two flavors through social media: triple chocolate and white chocolate peanut butter. 

“We use white chocolate because it helps smooth out the peanut butter,” Simons said. 

The original recipe is from Simon’s grandmother Izetta, more lovingly known as Noonie. It is rumored that Noonie’s recipe is from her mother. Noonie’s fudge recipe has been going on for four generations. 

Simons originally learned from her dad and has taught her daughters the tricks of the trade. Simons's fourteen-year-old daughter has started helping create fudge behind the scenes, and it’s only a matter of time before their eight-year-old daughter learns the family secrets. 

Simons wants to pass down the fudgy tradition while changing how fudge is seen nowadays. 

“What we wanted to do, because fudge is such an old candy, we wanted to take it and reinvent it,” Simons said. “Get it out to a younger generation, people of all ages are like ‘I’ve never had fudge before.’”

Instead of keeping the fudge behind the counter, Noonie’s has each square individually wrapped and labeled allowing people pick and choose the piece of fudge they desire.

Noonie’s Homemade Fudge helps reinvent the candy with its colorful interior and creative flavors. Noonie’s Homemade Fudge has over 70 flavors of fudge ranging from the classics to some more out-of-the-box flavors. 

Some of the more unique flavors include blueberry lemon, peanut butter and jelly, cherry cola (made with real Cherry Cola), and mango chili. 

According to Simons’s daughters, the best flavors to try are the mint cookie, chocolate malt, or the chocolate espresso. 

“Right now, I think we’re at 76 different flavors,” Simons said. “But we just added a raspberry lemon cheesecake and a lemon cheesecake.” 

All batches of fudge are made in small batches, handmade, and always stirred with a wooden spoon. It’s Noonie’s way. 

A majority of fudge at Noonie’s Homemade Fudge is gluten-free.

Noonie’s Homemade Fudge is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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