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Startup Q&A

Over $80 million has been invested in startups located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. Which begs the question, why? Why are so many businesses and investors alike calling Lincoln home? 

We asked a few startup founders and employees this very question and this is what they had to say.



"Downtown Lincoln is a wonderful place for any startup. The density of businesses downtown puts startups and entrepreneurs in the thick of it all near mentors, advisors, partners and talent. Plus, it’s easy to schedule an outing or boost team morale when you have dozens of restaurants and event venues right next door."

- David Chait, Founder and CEO of Travefy





"Bulu, Inc. has always been located in downtown Lincoln. Proximity to other startups and businesses breeds innovation and collaboration, creating a tight-knit community focused on progress. Being near the University brings talented interns and future employees through our door. Plus, the Bulu Crew can take advantage of the great lunch spots, pop into a quick fitness class, or take a teammate to events like First Friday or Tower Jazz - all right outside our door! Many of us also walk home to downtown apartments at the end of the day."

- Mariah Nimmich, Director of Public Relations for Bulu Marketplace





"Downtown Lincoln is great because it's within walking distance of the University of Nebraska, there are lots of food and entertainment options, and parking is a breeze once you get the hang of it."

Eric Dinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Powderhook





"The culture and atmosphere in downtown Lincoln is exactly what you want as a start up.

Lincoln mixes big city opportunities with a small town pride. Most businesses and entrepreneurs in this community want to see your company succeed, and there's a lot of opportunities to ask leaders for advice and suggestions, which is rare to see in other cities.

There's also a sense of competition in the start up community that pushes everyone's ambition to be bigger and better. And to be a part of that not only grows Lincoln, but it grows your business as well."

- Tyler Weihe, Co-Founder and Owner of Switch Up Media




"Downtown Lincoln is a good place for a startup because this is where the energy is. Even if you're not a 'walk in' type business, saying your office is downtown carries weight – people take notice."

- Erik Miller, Owner of and Designer at Storyhook







"Downtown Lincoln is great for startups because of the density of startups. It’s a huge benefit to be able to step outside your office and run into fellow founders, developers, designers, even your lawyer to bounce ideas and questions around. Things happen with these creative collisions and Lincoln’s downtown Haymarket and the proximity to the University make a huge difference for startups."

- Brian Ardinger, Managing Director of NMotion