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University Barbershop's Eclectic Flare

Nestled behind Precision Skateboards, an entrance in the alley leads to Downtown Lincoln's newest barbershop.


University Barbershop opened its doors on April 8. Neighbors Exclusive Hype, Shannon Formalwear, and Precision Skateboards joined in the grand opening celebration. 

"[Cutting hair] wasn't my decision at first, it was more my best friend’s" owner Austin Escamilla said. "At the time he was starting school and told me I should start too.”

Escamilla grew up cutting his own hair and later his friends would come to him looking for a new cut.

"I hadn't gone to an actual barbershop or anywhere to get my hair cut, so he was like 'You're pretty good at cutting hair, bro, you should go to hair school,'" Escamilla said. "I [didn't] think I would like it that much, but I signed up with him."

When asked why Escamilla started cutting his hair growing up, his response was simple: "I just always had some clippers around."

Escamilla takes credit for the space’s funky and nostalgic vibes, having built the place himself. The sitting area has cherry red Ultra Modern Funky Curvy chairs surrounding a chessboard. A refurbished jukebox sits in the corner and a dart board hangs on the wall for some light entertainment. 

“I wanted to have fun with it,” Escamilla said. “I just wanted to do something a little different, I like the exposed brick.” 

There are currently two barbers cutting at University Barbershop, there are two more open spots for others to join the team. 

“I want to just make it a place for barbers who are graduating out of [College of Hair Design],” Escamilla said. “[Barbers] who were maybe in my situation where they don’t know where they’re gonna go cut.” 

“My shop helps people out with a cheap booth rent and also, it’s a place to just get their foot in the game, get a feel for being in a real barbershop,” Escamilla said. 

University Barbershop offers typical services including haircuts, beard trims, eyebrow detailing, and coloring. University Barbershop is a gender-inclusive space.

University Barbershop accepts Venmo and Cashapp as forms of payment. Book an appointment here.