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Who Let The Dogs Out? Off Leash Dog Bar Did.

No one likes leaving their dogs at home, but sometimes it can be tricky to find a space to enjoy yourself with your fur family. Now there is. 

The on-leash bar area has several seating options and a party room that can be reserved. Outside of the party room are braided dog leashes stretched horizontally across the party room doors.


Off Leash Dog Bar is a place for customers to take their furry friends, kick up their feet, and loosen up. Nothing is more comforting than relaxing with your chosen family. 

Off Leash Dog Bar opened its doors on Memorial Day. Its owner, Brandon Akert, also owns Gate 25 Bar and Restaurant located in the Railyard. 

For those bringing their dogs, Off Leash offers a Day Pass for $10, and a 10-visit Punch Pass is $80. Additional Day passes for dogs are $5 each, for up to three dogs. If you plan on leaving your furry friend at home, the entry is always free. 

Parking is available on the west side of the building. 

Upon entering, you must provide up-to-date dog vaccination records and pet licensing. Off Leash will call your vet to verify the information needed to make sure your dog is safe and vaccinated. 

Manager Luke Greene has been there since the bar’s inception. Whether he’s doing drink development or participating in Paw Patrol, Greene helps out in any way he can. 

“Some dogs won’t get along– just like humans,” Greene said. “But we have some of our staff–our Paw Patrol–and they look for any sort of behavior, any body language that looks like a situation could happen and we correct it before it happens.” 

Paw Patrol monitors dogs that might act out. They are trained to use tactics like squeaky toys, shakers, or clap sounds to help break the doggy tension. 

“I have a pug, and I’m a shorter guy, so I kind of get it, and it’s that Napoleon Complex will come out with smaller dogs,” Greene said. “The thing with [smaller dogs] is they’ve got little spaces that they can hide under, like picnic tables. For those bigger dogs, they will play hard, they will jump in the pool together, but we have our staff in a position looking for any behavior.” 

The Paw Patrol also helps clean up any unexpected messes that occur on the premises.

All dogs are welcome, big and small, but Off Leash does offer special dog day events including specific breed meet-ups and food truck nights. They also host trivia night every Wednesday. 

Off Leash is split into three areas. The outside off-leash park is for dogs to soak up some vitamin D and splash in the pools, the indoor off-leash area for dogs to enjoy the shade, and the indoor on-leash bar where the food and drinks are located. There is no food allowed in the off-leash areas. 

Sniff around the inside and outside areas. Located in the outside areas are two kiddie pools and a splash pad that is said to be every pet’s favorite.

Off Leash offers a full bar, specialty cocktails (that are often inspired by a certain dog breed), coffee, and smoothies. They do not serve tea at this time. Off Leash does not operate with a full kitchen, so they offer a variety of snack options including nachos, popcorn, and candy. 

“We do have to operate things a little bit differently [to follow the FDA Food Code],” Greene said. “So for instance we don’t have an ice well where most bars would, we get ours from the soda machine, that way it’s enclosed and protected from any dog hair.”

Off Leash Dog Bar is only available for dogs, cats are not allowed. 

Off Leash Dog Bar is open Tuesday through Thursday from 3 to 9 p.m.; Friday 3 to 10 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday from 12 to 8 p.m. 

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