Arguments and Grievances Comedy Debates

Past Dates & Times
  • Friday, Mar 22, 2019 8-10om

Bourbon Theatre
1415 O St.

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Arguments & Grievances is a live comedy series and podcast featuring comedians debating outlandish topics with audiences choosing the victor. An outrageous enterprise exploring the heated issues of the day, including: "Hugs vs. Drugs", "Dr. Dre vs. Dr. Seuss", and "Batman vs. Spiderman."

Half comedy show, half rhetorical fight to the death, Arguments and Grievances is an impressive showing of live comedy, absurdity, and engaging fun.

"2014 BEST OF CHICAGO - VARIETY SHOW" - Chicago Magazine

"It's smart, high-stakes tomfoolery disguised in a brilliant, faux-brainy conceit....This show is a riot."
- Jason Heidemann, Chicago Tribune

"'s funny, really funny.”
- Allison Kelley, The Chicagoist

"This excellent debate series enlists some of the city's funniest underground comedians.”
- Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader

Our Debaters are:
Heather Jones vs James Lindsey
(Cinco De Mayo vs St. Patrick's Day)

Sam Bontrager vs Mallory Wallace
(Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck)

Cameron Logsdon vs Tyler Walsh
(Brunch vs 4th Meal)

Brad Stewart vs Jake Gardner
(Sex vs Pooping)

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