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Date and Time for this Past Event



What: LinCON is a convening of groups of men and women dressed as Abraham Lincoln.
Why: Because it is fun.
Who: Lincolnites, history buffs, adults, Abraham Lincolns.
When: NEW DATE = To Be Determined
Where: Lincoln, Nebraska. In the Railyard.
Website: LinCON.Life

We are grateful for the community supporters of LinCON who make this fun filled celebration possible. If you'd like to become a partner, please drop us a line Abe@LinCON.Life
- Rembolt Ludtke
- Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
- Firespring
- Nicki Behmer, RE/MAX CONCEPTS
- Saro Cider
- SEAchange, LTD
- Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau

I can’t grow a beard  Me either. You can buy a beard online, or if you’re one of the first 250 to arrive at LinCON, you will be given your very own beard. A priceless treasure.

What about the Top Hat? The first 250 adults to arrive at LinCON will also be given a Top Hat. Super cool! Otherwise BYOTH.

This sounds embarrassing: Really, Linda? Not any less embarrassing than what you wore for Halloween last year. Besides, there will be an award for the best dressed Abe.

Can I bring my kids?: Probably not. While being a proud Lincolnite is not age restricted, adult celebrations are. LinCON consists of groups of adults dressed as Abraham Lincoln, acting silly, and probably drinking some alcohol. Taking your kids to a bar is generally unwise for a number of reasons.

Can I get schwasty?: Sure. But if you do, please plan on staying home, do not dress up as Abe, and definitely don’t come to LinCON. Abe was a very respectable and pulled together person and a valuable member of society. He was even President at a time when that actually meant something. Any Abe being drunk/disorderly/debaucherous is no fun and will get you into trouble. Abe would be the first to tell you that there are, in fact, laws when you drink Claws. Don’t tarnish the name.

You spelled Lincoln wrong: What?

So everyone is Abraham Lincoln?: You bet. Abes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are native Lincolnites, others are not, but we are all here to celebrate the great city of Lincoln.

Why should I come?: If you have to ask, don’t.

Tickets?: Please register for the event (we want to get a Top Hat Count). Don’t get scammed! You do not need to pay for a tickets. But you will need your ID and wallet if you plan on having a pint.Media: Abe loves the Media, but doesn’t really have anything to say. Abe just likes to let loose sometimes and get together with other Abes.