Patrick Rowan Paintings & Sculptures - Irish Eyes (April 2021)

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In April, Gallery 9 will feature paintings and sculptures by guest artist Patrick Rowan.

March 31-May 2, 2021

Patrick Rowan is professor emeritus of studio art at the University of Nebraska, where he taught (1971-2002). Born and raised in Wisconsin, he earned a B.S. degree (architecture), a B.F.A. degree (painting), and an M.S. degree (painting) from the University of Wisconsin. In 1970 he received an M.F.A. degree (sculpture) from the University of Florida.

Rowan has exhibited his works extensively in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Statement from the artist:

"My artwork is a collection of hand carved, wood, ancestral, figure sculptures appearing in a state of suspended withdrawal. The figures are accompanied by related paintings, stone and stained glass sculptures, and architectural elements. The images represent memories of my Irish Catholic heritage ... visions of death and leaving, anger, fear, guilt, isolation and alienation.

The combination of sculpted & painted works present personal revelation/interpretations, in my attempt to express the relationships between God, man & self."

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (12-5pm)
*Friday, April 2 (12-8pm)*

There will be an opening reception on First Friday, April 2, from 5-8pm.

*Limited, pre-packaged snacks and drinks will be available at the reception for patrons to eat outside, at a distance, or take for later.*