Wick O'Rya LIVE in Boitano's Lounge

Dates and Times for this Past Event

  • Thursday, Jan 28, 2021  8 PM - 10 PM
  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021  8 PM


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Live Music Thursdays | The Kindler
Featured Artist: Wick O'Rya
8:30pm-10:30pm | Boitano’s Lounge

Come on down to The Kindler Hotel for Live Music Thursdays in Boitano's Lounge and enjoy the laid back vibe with live music, craft cocktails, and a large selection of wine!

Wick O'Rya:
Riley Agena- Vocals, Guitar
Jonathan Leach- Keys
Malcolm Opoku- Drums

Wick O'Rya is made up of three different artists who came together as friends through their shared love of music and formed a trio through their shared direction in music and stylistic compatibility.

Riley Agena's storytelling lyrics and soulful vocals could lend themselves to any genre, but these three multitalented musicians like to groove with elements of jazz and funk infused into their individual styles. Malcolm Opoku's Dilla-inspired chops and experimental flow blends harmoniously with Jonathan Leach's R&B background and heavy jazz roots. With the fun and free-spirited Agena leading the way, you are guaranteed to be 100% entertained by this trio!