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Lincoln North Pole

on the corner of 13th & P

This season, your heart will be full
as Tower Square has been transformed into the North Pole!

Grab a token, write your name, then drop it in
See which side fills up Santa's Naughty or Nice bin

Whether you're walking through or taking a ride,
don't miss these furry friends who are all by Santa's side

Fill out a letter to Santa and the Mrs.,
and let them know your greatest wishes
Once you're done, drop it in the mail
Then enjoy Candy Cane Lane's beauty just along the trail

Stroll through the Community Village & get ready to shop small
Our local businesses are the greatest of them all!

Take a picture to remind you and your best
of all the fun you've had on Santa's great quest

They used to be placed around Downtown in array,
but now all 12 days are here on display