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Buy a Pint, Plant a Tree

During the month of April, Saro Cider has partnered with Arbor Day Foundation.

An employee at Saro Cider, pouring a Joy Harvest draft.

This year Saro Cider is partnering with Arbor Day Foundation to support the Nebraska National Forest. For every draft cider purchased, a dollar will go towards saving some of Nebraska’s native land. Saro Cider has been doing this promotion since 2022, but things are a little different this year. 

“We’ve changed it just a little bit [this year],” Head Cider Maker Chris Ganshert said. “All the trees will go to the Nebraska National Forest.” 

Bagged apples from Arbor Day Farms, located in Nebraska City.

Due to the devastating wildfires that have taken over the Pine Ridge District of the Nebraska National Forest. Saro Cider’s partnership with Arbor Day Foundation is intended to help shine a light on this crippling issue–funding and helping to plant trees to restore the Nebraska land. 

For this partnership, Saro Cider decided to develop a new product. Made with 100% Nebraskan juice, the Joy Harvest cider is a farm-style cider that has notes of cinnamon and clove. The cider is spiced using the yeast that helps the fermentation process. 

“We wanted to highlight [the] partnership [with Arbor Day Foundation] and find a way to celebrate the trees that give us our product,” Ganshert said. 

Owner Matt Wood discovered he had celiac disease, preventing him from drinking anything gluten, including beer.

“[He and his wife] took a trip through Scotland and they had some really good dry European-style ciders,” Ganshert said. “[Wood] started to make it at home and he got really into it.” 

In 2018 Saro Cider opened its doors. Now there are two tasting rooms, one in Downtown Lincoln and one in Omaha. 

Saro Cider is unlike other cideries; they do not add any extra sugar to their products. The cider is only sweetened with juice to help with the flavoring. 

People picking apples at Arbor Day Farms.

Saro Cider pasteurizes, or heat treats their cider to prevent spoilage, meaning no added chemicals to maintain the fresh flavor. The cider is then steeped in the juice and spices for anywhere from one to three months to create a clean cider taste. 

“Saro Cider was founded on the idea of adventure, traveling, and always trying something new,” Ganshert said. “We’re always pushing our boundaries so [we] can grow, and learn, and become more.”

Visit either Saro Cider location and buy a draft cider to help support Nebraska National Forests today.

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