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Canopy Street's Limb Lab Provides a Unique Experience

One of Haymarket’s prized companies isn’t quite so hidden anymore. With the brightly colored display of prosthetics and orthotics, many people enjoy peering into Limb Lab’s windows while walking by. 


Based out of Minnesota, Limb Lab is a chain of prosthetics and orthotics that has been welcomed in the downtown community for almost three years.  

At Limb Lab, they thrive on personal connections, artistry, and innovation. 

“We either are embracing a part of the body or artificially creating something for a part that is missing,” Jason Dean, certified prosthetist and orthotist said. 

A prosthetist is a healthcare professional who makes and fits artificial limbs whereas an orthotist is a healthcare professional who makes and fits braces and splints for those who need extra support with a specific body part. 

Next door to Canopy Street Market, Limb Lab strives to create personalized experiences and prosthetics for amputees. 

Walking past the business front and seeing all the equipment meant to aid clientele helps promote the company as well as spark a conversation on what Limb Lab does for the community. 

“We love having people walk past and ask us questions,” Jason Dean said. “We get people going to basketball games with their families and say ‘hey, what is this?’ and we get to explain it to their kids what we’re making here.” 

For a typical client at Limb Lab the first step is always an initial consultation and fitting. 

"Once they’ve healed after surgery, we begin that initial prototype or diagnostic stage and we will then cast, create the image of their limb,” Dean said. “We figure out the socket that’s going to fit their limb, and at the same time we’re working with insurance to get authorization for the devices because they’re very expensive.” 

Limb Lab offers physical therapy to help the individual get used to their new piece of equipment. Limb Lab offers a unique experience of creating the prosthetic or orthotic and assuring that it is the right fit for you. This spot is a one-stop shop for prostheses. 

“We work hand in hand so once we do our fitting, our therapist is working on [the client] and we kind of create this relationship from day one,” Dean said. “We’re working on everything from mechanics to how to use it, how to balance on it, how it fits.” 

After that is complete, the next step is fabricating the machinery. Limb Lab does it all with a crew of just eight people. 

“We make everything we do,” Jason Dean said. 

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