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Four Local Tech Companies to Consider for Your Business

Silicon Prairie has multiple opportunities to help your company grow. The help of four companies is offered right in your town. 

By Tessa Wiser

Follow along to see four Downtown Lincoln tech companies make your life easier and your business safer. Lincoln Data Centers, Infinite Systems, Binary Net, and Information Analytics will help with the headaches of all things tech.


Since 2013, Lincoln Data Centers has been a major internet hub for the region, state, and city and has never gone offline. LDC provides rack space for colocation of your equipment. Conveniently located downtown, on the sixth floor of the Sharp Building, LDC offers configurations starting at a half cabinet all the way up to a private suite.

Lincoln Data Centers' available office space is located on the sixth floor of the Sharp Building. 

LDC has direct access to multiple fiber providers including the city's major providers and an international provider, redundant UPS-backed power feeds, redundant cooling systems, and a backup diesel generator all ensuring your equipment stays online at all times. 

LDC offers built-in AC units to prevent overheating and utilizes private security access including a three-factor authorization system to get into the data center. They have thought of everything in order to protect your equipment and data. They have raised flooring in case of a leak in the building, and an HFC135 fire suppression system that once activated extinguishes a fire, without using water, in under a minute. The facility is protected from smoke, heat, and humidity; they have cabinets ready to move your equipment in today!

LDC also offers office space onsite for a temporary or permanent solution, for lease. LDC is powered by Lincoln Electric Systems and continues to provide an environment to suit your needs. 


Infinite Systems was founded in 1999 and has continued to provide quality IT services, project management, networking, and consulting services to the Lincoln area. Infinite Systems will monitor your data, workstations, and equipment, and continue to protect it. Businesses of all sizes use Infinite Systems to protect their laptops and desktops, networking devices, and their files. Their clients include banks, law offices, and medical professionals. 

You will get access to 24/7 technical support and 23 years of experience. They also provide network security via firewalls, viruses, malware, and ransomware protection and can help solve any other IT problems.

Their main focuses are their friendly customer service and competitive rates. 


Binary Net is a data center, conveniently located in downtown Lincoln, providing data center services to customers locally and around the world. Since 1996, Binary Net has provided services including quality managed website hosting, bandwidth, and disaster recovery.

Located inside this old federal reserve bank vault is Binary Net. 

Binary Net is located in an old federal reserve bank vault across the street from Lincoln Data Centers. Binary Net has redundant cloud computing environments allowing them to provide virtual servers that won’t go down. They also provide reliable bandwidth anywhere in the region. Binary Net has multiple internet carriers so your sites remain accessible even if one carrier has an outage. Climate-controlled rooms, fire suppression, UPS backup systems, a backup generator, and multiple redundancies provide additional security for its clients.  Security is paramount at Binary Net and accessing the vault requires an escort to monitor your visit. 


Information Analytics is a full-service software development company. They were founded in 1995.  Specializing in custom web-based applications and database design, they can take on any development project you might have from a mobile app to a WordPress plugin. 

Information Analytics is the perfect partner to bring your ideas to life.

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