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The Furfect Employees of Downtown Lincoln


Pets are a part of our families, they're our friends, and sometimes our co-workers. Working in Downtown Lincoln, you would be surprised how many pets come with us to work. Pets help reduce stress and are fun distraction from work from time to time. Glance past your computer to see your cat being mischievous, or your co-worker cuddled up with your dog.

Lincolnites are sometimes lucky enough to have an office or business that allows us to bring our furry companions to work, and they always make the FURfect employees! Over a dozen businesses have brought a piece of their heart (and now office) to their home away from home. 


A Novel Idea

Everyone seems to know these guys, as they are the most famous Downtown pals we've got. "Our cats, Eddy & Charlie, are kind of downtown celebrities," Owner, Cinnamon Dokken said. "They're definitely the most popular staffers here at the bookstore." 






Arts Incorporated

No dogs here, but everything else! Two cats, an office cockatoo, and three large aquariums are here to encourage office productivity. Not to mention the 35-40 potted plants that make us this urban jungle. Not only is this place pet-friendly, but it is also pet encouraged. Co-founder, Dean Haist brings along two cats, Kit and Kat, who are brother and sister, each day Haist goes into the office. 








Burlington Antiques

Don't mistake Sophie's sad eyes, she is just tired from playing with the other dogs that come into the business. She's been zooming around those aisles for the past three years. 




Downtown Lincoln Association

The Downtown Lincoln Association is known for its support for downtown, but here pets aren't just encouraged, they're expected. With all sorts of furry pets, and one that is not. Meet Banana the sphinx, an Instagram model, or the infamous DLA couple, Baea and Barry. You've probably seen Ike be walked to and from the office. There are many downtown mascots!



Baea and Barry 









Erickson Sullivan Architects

Erickson Sullivan Architects definitely takes the cake with a pet-friendly office. With all these pets that are friends, they manage to bring the office attitude to an all-time high. Scrapper is off in his own world with his little party station on the desk, but there are still a lot of essential coworkers that come in day by day. (Scrapper included!)






















Gallery 9

At Gallery 9, Murray isn't shy to show you a quick trick or two, he is a fun-loving senior pup, enjoying 12 years of life. His toothy grin always greets people to enjoy the art.  





Kiechel Fine Art

On the left, you can find Peanut, and Reggie cuddled up next to him. These dogs help with art installation and love running around with each other. Sadly, Moose passed away recently. We wish Kiechel Fine Art our biggest condolences because losing a pet is just as hard as losing a family member. 

Peanut and Reggie 






Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Todd is often joined by Bryant, the five-year-old golden retriever. He even made a special appearance at Wendy's 30th Anniversary party. 




Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

At Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects, Barkley isn't just absolutely adorable, he is a service dog that knows how to open doors for his partner and can operate the elevator if need be. He is one smart dog. 





Peetz Co.

Nothing too bad can happen at Peetz Co with Rudy Peetz as Director of Wellness. Rudy is here to help promote a healthy work environment and encourages members to bring in toys. The Director of Wellness also does not mind a pet or two. 

Rudy Peetz, Director of Wellness






Straight Edge Barber Shop 

Named after the brand of barber tools, the main brand Straight Edge Barber Shop, Andis recently celebrated his fourth birthday. Andis is a cutie, he may look a little grumpy, but he is just wanting some pets.






Owners of Empyrean Brewing and Lazlo's get around the whole "no pets allowed" at work or in the restaurant by keeping them in the office. Telesis has many babies to cuddle or to curl up on your computer.  























Everyone knows this little boutique to be trendy or where you can find a cute pair of earrings, but have you met Bea? She is an energetic ball of fun, and she'll help you find something fun to purchase at the front counter. 







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