8. Cafe and Hotel


230 N. 7th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

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1916; Alfred W. Woods, architect

This structure is another of the small hotels that formerly lined North 7th Street facing the Depot, and one of the many buildings of Russell Stover Company's Haymarket complex.  It is most important for its role in the Haymarket’s revitalization history as the district's pioneering residential rehabilitation project.  The ground floor, which was originally a cafe, provides retail space, while the upper floor guest rooms were converted into a truly urban home.  Bob Carpenter was architect for that initial rehabilitation.

          The hotel's building permit of 1916 identifies the owners as the Tiernan Brothers and their architect as Alfred W. Woods.  He designed a simple but handsome stone-trimmed facade and very plain side walls, in the manner of many Haymarket buildings.  The "1869" date stone centered high on the front wall presumably had meaning to the Tiernans, but it is something of a mystery today, as the building gained its present façade in 1916.  Perhaps the stone is meant to commemorate the date of Lincoln’s incorporation as a city, two years after founding as the state capital.

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