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Located just west of Interstate 180 and Memorial Stadium, and just north of the Historic Haymarket area, the Haymarket Park sports complex creates a visually appealing gateway to the Star City. With a pedestrian walkway connecting the stadium complex to both the Haymarket and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, the stadium is a convenient addition to the downtown area.

From a purely logistical standpoint, the name makes perfect sense. With its close proximity to the Haymarket, the park-within-a-park sports complex beautifully enhances the wholesome, family atmosphere that is such a vibrant part of this area. Additionally, the pedestrian walkway allows people to experience all the enjoyable activities these adjoining locations have to offer. To further strengthen the bond between the sports complex and the Haymarket, special attention has been given to architectural elements that will reflect the nature and personality of the area. These elements include the use of true red brick and red-tone, split-face concrete block. Coloration bands in the brick enhance the detail and lend an historic Haymarket flavor. Eyebrow elements have also been incorporated into the overhangs above the entrances.

Great care has been taken to design a sports complex that is modern, yet still embraces the time-honored traditions of baseball and the proud heritage that is the Haymarket. The name Haymarket Park embodies the essence of the history of baseball, and the history of Lincoln itself.

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