21. Star Van & Storage Building


818 Q St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

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1907; Woods & Cordner, architect

1915; C. H. Larsen, architect

Star Van and Storage Company was another of the several moving companies located in the north end of the Haymarket.  The east wall of this warehouse hints at the structure's construction in several stages.  Woods & Cordner designed the original two-story warehouse in 1906-07. 

The Sunday State Journal noted at the end of 1906 that “The Star Van & Storage company has begun the erection of a reinforced concrete warehouse, the first large building of the kind in the city….Reinforced concrete was first used as a building material in Lincoln during the year…” and “promises to in a great measure solve the building material problem, especially in this section of the country which is remote from the steel mills and the timber forests….”

          Between them, A. W. Woods and John G. Cordner designed another half dozen Haymarket buildings.  The Q Street front was redesigned by C. H. Larsen in l915, when a third floor was added.  It became part of the Henkle & Joyce Hardware Company, which eventually specialized in contractors’ equipment and was called “The Toolhouse.”  Additional stories for apartments, and a skywalk connection to the parking garage to the east, were added by Speedway Properties in 2013-14.

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