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About the Telegraph District

We’re building a new future in a part of Lincoln that has already shaped this city. This legacy of innovation and ambition continues to drive us today.

Our name honors the history of the Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Company – a visionary communications business venture that was launched in 1903 and quickly spread from coast to coast. By 1925, this upstart delivered telephone service to more Americans than any other phone company.

But the history of the area goes beyond one success story.

Tucked beside the Rock Island Railroad and Antelope Creek, businesses thrived here through two World Wars and beyond – including many that were housed in the spaces we’re re-building today. From Fisher Foods and Roberts Dairy to a robust corridor of car dealerships, strong business ventures here have always fueled the local economy and paved the way to a brighter future for thousands of Lincoln residents.

This was the home of the Muny Pool – a community meeting space opened in 1920 for up to 1,000 swimmers in the summer and ice skating when seasons changed. With Lincoln High and the Lewis baseball fields nearby, there’s never been a shortage of activity and energy in this part of the city.

This bustling space is home to a rich past – and we’re working hard to make it the home of a bright future for the next generation.