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9 Lincoln Park


205 N. 9th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

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Future Development


Developer:  Craft Development Group

Projected Investment: $87 Million

Uses: Residential/Office

Project Updates: 


Alley information: The City is still waiting for a timeline on LES coming in to perform investigative work, which at this time may impact the alley, but only temporarily.

The city is requesting advanced notice for a start date so that the Farmer’s Market and adjacent owners will be able to address issues with the east end closure prior to the start of work, and locations can be identified for garbage and other temporary relocations. The demolition permit taken out for the Melichar’s site does not include the alley.


Dear friends and neighbors,

This is the first of many monthly emails we plan to send to you to keep you updated on our project at 9th and P Street. Though many people refer to the project as Lincoln BOLD, that is the name of the development group. The building name is actually 9 Lincoln Park. In the coming weeks we will have a lot of activities on the site. A summary of activities is below:

Thank you for your consideration,

Steve Glenn
Craft Development/Lincoln BOLD

The Lincoln Bold/Craft Development team is in full swing as we enter warmer months. In the latter part of the month of May, the site will become more active with construction activities such as the demolition of the old service station, the canopy, paving, and signage. This will allow for the fuel tanks to be removed properly, and the soils to be tested by the proper authorities. The expectation is this work will be confined to the service station site and should not affect P Street traffic. The sidewalks on P Street and 9th Street will not be closed. Mark Whitehead, the owner of the site of the gas station, has indicated to us that he plans to have the building come down on May 23. Throughout the summer, the site will remain active as the property is handed over to Hausmann Construction to begin foundation work. It is currently expected to be handed over to Hausmann this fall.

During the demolition phase of the project, construction traffic should be seen along 9th Street. Very little to none should be seen within the Haymarket. It is currently planned that only a small part of the right of way will be impacted during demolition. P Street would remain open in both directions during the demolition phase from May through later this fall. Once the demolition phase is completed and the site is turned over to Hausmann, lane closures along 9th Street would be seen along with P Street being closed to all traffic. We will send everyone a map of street closures in the coming weeks.

LES and the Alley

During the month of May it is anticipated that LES will be onsite completing necessary work to move poles and bury the primary power lines within the eastern end of the alley. The eastern access to the alley will be closed for this work and is assumed closed for the duration of construction. This closure is required to allow for the vertical construction along the alley face to occur in a safe manner, both for the individuals working on site and members of the public. We understand that the alley will be accessible from the west to allow for those parking in the Nebraska Boiler (Jon Camp) garage.

Lincoln BOLD is committed to being solution-oriented and coming up with creative ways to minimize possible construction disruption to the Haymarket area. The BOLD team is working with Downtown Lincoln Association, Lincoln Haymarket District Corporation, Urban Development, LTU, and Parking Services to come up with a valet parking plans for those businesses directly affect along P Street. It appears that a valet station may be placed on the northeast corner of 8th and P Street. We are working to determine how to roll out the “free” component of this pilot program. Preliminary estimates are that this valet service will be offered on Friday’s and Saturday’s during peak hours. The valet parking pilot is being subsidized by Lincoln BOLD. More to come later as we have more information.

Key contact for questions
Please direct any questions or concern about this project to
Brett Wasko
Senior Project Manager
Project Control
Phone 402-477-0487

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